Escrima Stick, Rattan, Skin-on (Pair)


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Heavy enough for real combat and Durable enough for the toughest training sessions. Cut from 100% Rattan Skin On. Practice your blocking and counter attacks. Designed for the more serious martial artist.

A Plain Rattan Multi-Node Escrima (Kali, Arnis) Fighting Sticks (Pair). High quality Skin ON and fire hardened.  Durable, dense and light. Skin makes stick stronger. They have NOT been commercially straightened (which reduces their strength!) 7/8" - 1" in diameter (thickness may vary).

Available Length: 26", 28", 30", 32" Sticks Length

This is a natural product! Weight and diameter may vary

Carrying Case(Optional)
Black/Red Nylon Case,This carrying case can pack up to two escrima sticks. Complete with adjustable Shoulder Strap and Velcro Closure.